Welcome to C3 Multispecialty Hospital

C3 Multispecialty Hospital is one of the foremost multi-specialty healthcare provider of the city. The Hospital covers the complete range of Preventive and Curative patient care. Our motto is to develop the best center for cure and care. C3 Hospital came up with the expert team of consultants & trained staff from various specialties to serve the society. 

Patients have shown a relentless faith in our services and that has given us the confidence to grow. While C3 Hospitals makes rapid progress in widening our reach, we are simultaneously committed and focused on further elevating our patient experience to greater levels of satisfaction.

Our Vision

To provide complete care with cure and compassion.

Our Mission

To be the best facility in terms of trust, team, technology and dependability. Serve the society in every possible manner through our resources and infrastructure.

Our Policy

To keep our commitment to secure the health of the society, at all times. Provide the best treatment most economically with no compromise on standards.

Our Values


Along with being professional in our approach to the treatment of all our patients, we also keep their needs, their requirements, their privacy, and our compassionate approach towards our patients as a top priority. C3, in its endeavor to be compassionate and understanding to our society and its needs, will also focus on the most current medical needs of the society.


Excellence in our procedures, our hospital environment, the expertise of our consultants, technological upgrades and advanced equipment is a routine endeavor for us. Keeping abreast with the technological advancements and medical researches for the constant upgrade of our facilities and procedures is a commitment for us.


The willingness to give the best to every patient who walks into our hospital makes our team chalk out the best, accurate, fast, and appropriate medical treatment available with the most economical cost factor to give our patient the best in-hospital experience and healthy life when they reach home. We believe that efficiency is not just about treating, it is about treating in a better and proper way that is suitable for the patient.


We have been consistently working on the two major factors that a patient walks in with into a hospital – trust and expectation. Consistently delivering what has been promised, keeping up to the expectations of their trust, and delivering more than they expected is the core mantra of our team. We believe that consistency instills trust.

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