Our critical care and ICU is a state-of-the-art facility with equipment that is builtin with cutting-edge technology. The equipment in the facility is the most advanced version of every support system required in the Unit and C3 has also made sure that the systems installed are the best available in the Medical arena today. Every piece of equipment is monitored and handled by perfectly trained medical practitioners having enormous experience in working with these critically important systems, that are not just highly technical but also highly important for life-saving processes.

This area is one of the most restricted are after the Operation theaters to keep the highly sanitized and secure environment intact and to avoid any external factors from polluting it. Every person or equipment entering or leaving the Unit premises is thoroughly sanitized to keep the area free of any infection. C3 has made provisions for round-the-clock monitoring and medical aid of the topmost level in this facility. Visiting hours are also very minimal and strict.

Top class facilities and life saving systems available in the Critical care and ICU are:

  • Heart problems
  • Lung problems
  • Organ failure
  • Brain trauma
  • Blood infections (sepsis)
  • Drug-resistant infections
  • Serious injury (car crash, burns)
  • Patients may be moved to the hospital ward or a rehabilitation facility, after making improvements during a stay in ICU.
  • This does not mean that the need for medical care is gone; it means that the patient has improved beyond critical and is in stable condition.
  • Patients who have suffered critical illness often need significant time and a lot of rehabilitation and therapy to continue to get well.