COVID-19 has posted a lot of challenges before the infection, during the infection and also after the infection. Everyone is aware of all the precautionary steps to be taken to stay protected from being infected and the doctors take care of you when you are seriously infected. There is also a very high need for Rehabilitating the corona cured patients too as they are totally exhausted by the infection and their lungs need good rehabilitative sessions to get back to their normal respiratory capacity. Not just lungs the whole body needs to be recuperated after you have successfully come out of a COVID infection. Keeping this vital condition in mind, C3 hospital has designed and developed a whole Unit and department to take care of the Post COVID Rehabilitation of a COVID recovered patient. The Unit has kept in mind all the recuperative therapies and processes that could give the patient his strength back and get him back to normalcy.

Breathing exercise session for lungs

Lungs are the most affected part of our body due to Coronavirus. The first thing a patient needs to focus on after being cured of Corona is getting the lungs back to their original respiratory capacity. C3 has appointed specialists for taking breathing sessions for patients in which they are taught exercises, processes and other techniques to recover and increase their lung respiratory capacity. This is of vital importance as corona badly affects our lungs and it will need good care to be brought back to normalcy.

Physiotherapy Sessions

Along with the lungs our whole body is affected by corona and the fatigue and ill effects of the virus need to be pushed out of our system once we are home after fighting out corona. C3 has designed specific post-COVID physiotherapy to give our whole body a recuperative boost. This physiotherapy session will be beneficial and important to put you back in a fit condition after the battering from the coronavirus.

Yoga session

Yoga, a worldwide craze of fitness freaks, has its own ways of fighting fatigue and other discomforts in the body after any type of disease. Yoga sessions have always been a major part of most of the rehabilitation process worldwide. Moreover, the breathing aspect of Yoga will prove pivotal in bringing back your lungs and the body as a whole, back in shape. C3 has appointed well-trained yoga instructors who will guide you back to healthy ways the yoga way.

Nutrition advise and diet counseling

Nutrition and diet an integral part of any rehabilitation process. Food has a major role in getting your body back in shape after any illness of any kind. Food can act on your body as nectar or as poison depending on what you are eating when and how much. Nutrition and diet have been given so much importance in every recuperation process as the right kind and amount of food can speed up your recovery process and help the healing powers of the body to work better. C3 has the best dietitians and nutrition experts to advise you on the right kind of food and the right amount to be consumed to get your body and its systems back in shape.

Immunity boosting session

Every awareness campaign, every medical note, every research and every information on COVID-19 protection, prevention and recuperation stresses heavily on your immune system and boosting of your immunity. If you have a high immunity component in your body, you are safe from COVID affecting you badly. It is of vital importance to boost your immunity during these COVID times to keep you safe at all times. C3 has specifically chalked out immunity-boosting sessions with experts on the specific topic to provide better improve the overall health of the patients who have come out of Corona attack. This session will also prove helpful to people who have not been infected by corona to ward away the effects of a corona attack.