Highly sanitized, well equipped with the most modern monitoring and stabilizing systems and a team of experienced medical professionals provides our ICU with the required highest standards set by C3 management. The monitoring system is both bedsides and centralized too to keep an eye on the well-being of every patient in the critical unit. Highly experienced ICU nursing staff enhances the efficacy of our ICU.

Oxygen beds

Beds with Oxygen dispensing facility is also available which has become a major need of the COVID times.

Sem-Private Room - C3 Hospitals Indore

Private Rooms

Rooms for all needs are available at C3 starting from basic rooms to the most sophisticated ICU. Every room is kept highly hygienic and is equipped with high standard medical beds and necessary facilities for the comfortable stay of our patients.


Quality and accuracy are the main focus points of our Pathology labs. With the most modern equipment and testing facility, our pathology lab churns out the most accurate results due to minimal human interference. Highly efficient, dedicated, and experienced staff reduce the error to a further negligible level. Vigilant and rigid quality control systems make sure the high standards are maintained during testing and report generation.


The first line of medication, our Casualty Department, runs 24X7 manned by a team of expert doctors and an equally trained and experienced team of paramedics. They are always on the toes to handle all kinds of emergencies and casualties knocking on our doors at any hour. Xray: We are equipped with the best in X-ray technology, at C3. Fully digital X-rays are also available at C3.


Timely delivery and a wide range of medicinal inventory is the focal point of our pharmacy at C3. Stringent quality and expiry checks of every medicine provided at the pharmacy are maintained to keep the high standards of C3 hospital intact. Purchases from only reputed companies and a team of experienced pharmacists ensure the safety of the medicines being provided at the Pharmacy. Proper storage, proper information on drugs, and accurate guidance to patients on medicine are the key duties of the pharmacists employed here.